Hello! I'm Linda Hayes-Cooper!

Let me help you move from worriers to warriors!
Create a new Footprint that leaves happy, healthy memories. 

My Mission

Linda Hayes-Cooper is a Clinical Psychologist and Early Parenting Therapist helping new and expectant parents navigate the challenges of early parenting, so they can have greater calm, joy, and compassionate intimate connections.

Linda is the founder of Calm Emotional Presence that advocates for parent and infant mental health & emotional wellbeing from pregnancy through to 5 years of age. Linda has over 25 years training and experience working with young families incorporating her psychology, midwifery, baby whisperer, and breastfeeding consultancy expertise. She is the author of an upcoming book: Footprints – bringing awareness of the unconscious intergenerational traumas and behaviours that affect our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Providing strategies that regulate emotions and cultivate healthier, intimate attachment relationships within couples and parent-infant relationships.

Get to Know Me!

5 Things I Love to See



Joyful connections in others


New destinations

Loving connections

Sun on my body

My cat Mithril

Human touch

4 Things I Love to Feel

3 Things I Love to Hear

Compassion & gratitude

Children’s laughter

Champagne popping!

Cinnamon & Cranberry Candles

Baked Cakes

2 Things I Love to Smell

1 Thing I Love to Taste

Exotic Asian flavors

"... I needed you Linda and by the end of that session I was so happy you were coming back to help me in a few days... While this is my journey and all about me, I have been super thankful to be able to have taught my 8 year old daughter and 7 year old son a ‘little peoples’ version of using their breathe to bring them strength and composure as well – love it or hate it, when they are unleashing their inner dragon on me and I ask them to take a couple of small breaths, seeing their shoulders drop, and their little minds calm makes me feel like dancing a little jig!"
- Dee

As a new mum in a foreign country without any family support I and my husband both felt a bit lost… Linda was always very helpful and went the extra mile… She was genuine and I felt in her company like she was family and could trust her a lot.
It is in Linda’s nature to genuinely care “

– Ditta

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